Consolidate to a Better 2018

Consolidate to a Better 2018

Sometimes working hard is not always being smart.

In a recent survey of small business, one threat to financial health was the growing burden of short-term expensive credit.

Consolidating existing creditors into one monthly payment can release capital and generate positive cash flow for developing new income streams.

Actual Example:

Our client has a good credit rating and a ‘fair’ trading record for 5 years.

To fund development, they had amassed 8 major loans and leases – with total Indebtedness £185,000 and total monthly payments of £10,999.

We were able to halve the monthly payment and release capital!

We obtained a 5-year unsecured facility with a repayment of £5,100 at 9%pa settled the credit AND provided an additional £65,000 surplus.

Debt consolidation over 5 years unsecured, or longer when secured by property (business or personal), can reduce the monthly burden AND the interest rate too.

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Real Results:

“Thank you for all your help over the last few weeks, we would not have had a hope without it. Best wishes to yourself and your family and here’s to a prosperous and stress-free 2018! Thanks again”

Sweep up those debts for savings in 2018.


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