Acquisition and Merger Funding

Buying into a practice may be the best career move, but it usually requires flexibility and often a large injection of capital that may not always be met immediately by an equivalent spike in revenues.

The most obvious way to buy into an existing practice is for the full business acquisition, or by way of a partner buying-in on a personal level.

You may be faced with buying an existing client list, subject to a goodwill premium, taking over existing liabilities and requiring some additional capital to bridge the short term until the larger business begins to make its returns. The choice of lender and product is therefore important – and we work with specialists who look beyond the current position to see how the cash will flow as the new business develops.

Loans are the most obvious long term solution for raising significant debt.

Loans for amounts exceeding £250k or 3 years will tend to be secured by way of a mortgage on the business and/or a charge on the individual’s home. Many businesses operate out of rented premises, but for a practice that wishes to buy its own office space, a range of commercial mortgage options are available. These mortgages are secured on the purchased property itself and would only be used to finance the purchase of the business premises. Additionally, there will be many leases that need to be reviewed and we can also assist in refinancing or raising capital against existing equipment/assets as necessary.

Our funding solutions are tailored to your practice’s specific requirements and supported by our specialist panel of lenders.

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