Loans for Refurbishment

There are numerous ways that you may consider a premises refurbishment, based upon the size and complexity of the works.

There are therefore also choices that we can work through with you as follows:

Business Term Loans

There is no doubt that the traditional method of financing a refurbishment as a capital transaction has many advantages, either as a secured or unsecured loan facility. Typically, this will be based on the business performance, the value of any security offered, but may not fund the full amount. Check out our blog articles on funding for premises.

Property/refurbishment financing can be used hand in hand with other forms of funding that supports other aspects of a refurbishment, such as:


Leasing can be considered where a business needs to manage cash-flow and retain a degree of flexibility in financing the new equipment that may be part of a practices refurbishment.

Hire Purchase

Payments are made over a fixed period, at the end of which any asset becomes yours. Under lease purchase agreements VAT registered businesses can claim back the VAT.

Finance lease

Similar to a lease purchase except that the ownership of the asset does not transfer at the end of the contract, although you may wish to come to an agreement to buy the assets at some point. Payments can be offset against tax and VAT can be reclaimed.

Contract hire

Essentially, you get to use an asset that remains the property of the funder who are also responsible for its maintenance and upgrade. This might offer a more affordable option to a finance lease as there is no large initial capital outlay, but you will not own the asset at the end of the contract.

We will help you consider all of the possible combinations when financing a refurbishment

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