Bespoke Funding Solutions

No two deals are the same, and we do not apply a cookie-cutter approach to finance.

Sometimes we encounter clients who want to raise funds by using collateral that is not bricks and mortar.

Examples of less ordinary finance are:

Art Finance 

This is not pawn broking! If you have a piece of collectible art (impressionist, modern paintings, or fine jewellery) – usually with a minimum value of £1.5million, you can raise funds against that asset. We work with specialist lenders offering terms over 2-3 years at a 50% LTV. Rates are highly competitive and subject to valuation, funds are often available within 10 working days.

Pension Funding

Pension-led funding is where the interest paid on the finance provided is paid back to the pension, increasing the business owner’s wealth. This form of funding is ideal for SME’s seeking working capital for growth or enhanced cashflow. It is not sector-specific and keeps you in direct control of the business finances whilst reducing the risks associated with other forms of security. However, as with all finance, should the business suffer and repayments fail – the pension is also at risk.

To start a dialogue, please complete the brief inquiry below and one of our dedicated managers will contact you to see how we might be creative and explore the options with you.


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